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Posted - 17 Aug 2006 :  22:48:41  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
I am starting a new thread where we can share out testimonies. If it is acceptable I will put it up on a testimony page. Keep in prayer.



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Posted - 27 Aug 2006 :  22:11:08  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
My Testimony

I am putting this on my anti racism site (hence the ending being aimed at racists)

A brief autobiography: I am writing this so others can know where I am coming from. Also the change that God has done in me he can do in anyone.

Brought up in Melbourne I came from a home where there was no religion. It was never discussed. When I was 11 I burnt 6 bibles. I was just going through my school and I wondered into the gym hall. They must have just finished a Christian meeting there because they were handing out bibles. I went straight up and asked the guy for a heap "for my friends." As soon as I got home I started to burn them. In retrospect I can only conclude that I was demon possessed. Why would a young 11 years old, just start to burn bibles? We used to steel peoples mail looking for birthday and Christmas money. One time we found a credit card. My mate signed it and we went down Prahran all got bomber jackets, walkmans, and alcohol. We eventually got busted by the cops and got done for fraud. I had also become a graffiti artist and began smoking hash. I was hanging out with 15-20 year olds going into the city almost every night.

One night while breaking into a football club we scaled the roof and found about 20 hardcore p**no’s. These magazines stayed in the house for about a year, and we used to read them all the time with people who visited. One girl tore them all up and threw them out on the street, and the street was filled with p**n pictures for months, lying in the gutters, floating down the street.

When I turned 12 I was told that I was in the 10 most wanted list for taggers in Victoria in the late 80’s. I used to tag with Mars, Me2u, Style, Pane, Maniac, Dismay, and sometimes Dispise. I was in All City and then DMA. We used to bomb trains, do throw ups, hang outs, wherever we went. I would wag school and spend the day with crews. We would go all over Melbourne looking for blue trains to tag on. In crews of 15-20 we would get on a train and just go off, we wouldn’t care if people were on the train, we’d just lean right over their head and tag the panel above them. I would steel 50-100 dollars worth of Spray paint and texters a week. I got caught steeling many times. We were very bold and would just walk into a shop, shove what we wanted down our pants and leave. If we got busted we would run. We had no fear.

Our home was a halfway house where there were always people smoking drugs, drinking alcohol, and having sex. If Mom was out, it was party time. Sometimes 10-20 people would run out the back when she came home. The police started to know the house on a first name basis, as Candice’s house, my sister. We had the police come around and raid our house. They had found my sisters wallet and it had a heap of tags on a piece of paper in it. They did an illegal search while we were out and found many more tags. Most doors in our house had graffiti pieces on them and we had hundreds of pieces of paper lying around with pieces and tags on them. They raided again on New Years eve. We were smoking and drinking at home and the cops just showed up. We tried to run out the back but they had parked around they side and ran to the front door, which was open. We were taken to the cop shop and interrogated for hours, “who’s all city, who’s DMA, who’s Mars, My Mad Son, Me2u, Dismay, Pane, Dane, Quiz, are you Resq." They would say over and over. Resq was my tag. They told me that my sister had dobbed everyone in. I fell for it and admitted to being resq. I was going to get the blame for everyone else’s tag but said that I had just copied them off trains. Because they were just local police they didn’t contact the Transit Police who had me on the ten most wanted list. If I had been caught for that I would have been in a lot more trouble than I was. So at twelve I was already done for shoplifting, stealing and dischrging 202 bullets, Credit Card fraud, and graffiti gang affiliation.

Mum took us to see a councilor but it was useless. I was getting drunk regularly and smoking pot 2-3 times a week by then. So mum packed us up and we moved to Cairns in Far North Queensland. I lasted there for 3 months. I hated it. Most of the kids there played downball and collected cane toads for fun. I was hanging to just meet someone who smoked cigarettes, let alone drank or smoked pot. When I moved back to Melbourne I moved in with my dad. I lived in a caravan on the side of the house and would come and go as I pleased. I wagged school for months on end. I met up with people who liked to smoke, do drugs and drink. I started to get right into heavy metal music like Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica, Dead Kennedy’s, MOD, SOD, Sex Pistols, GG Allin, Overkill, etc. My mind was filled with violence and filth.

One time I hadn't been home for 4 weeks. I had been living off the money I would get from shoving paper up the coin return slots in phone boxes around town. At that time the police caught up with me at a friends house. I tried to hide under the bed, but my friends mum dobbed me in. I was wanted for rape and robbery. My dad was in the car with other CIB agents. I was interrogated for hours and had to give blood to prove I didn't rape a retarded girl. I was busted for robbery and assault on an elderly lady though. I had robbed a lady while wearing a balaclava. I got nine charges. It seemed like each time I went to court I just got off scott free. First it was warnings, then good behaviour bonds, then probation where we were "punished" by being sent to white water rafting down the snowy river and camping in Warrnambool. Probation was not punishment, it was a joke, a place where i basically formed strong friendships with other delinquents and criminals, and was allowed to do fun activities once a week.

I soon became a sick racist. I started to hang out with skinheads and punks who were alot older. One guy used to be a third dan martial arts expert. He would get drunk every day. We would go to the city together. He would pick on Asians. He had no fear of fights. He often went into pubs and cleared them out by himself. The problem was that when he got drunk he would try and show me his kung fu moves and start kicking and punching into me. My popularity dropped after the robbery. I would get chased and bashed often. I got chased and bashed by 15 guys just a week after the robbery. Rumor had gotten around that I had raped a girl and it got intermingled so that people thought I had raped an elderly lady. I was called "granny basher" and "rapist" often. One time a guy chased me into a video store and ran around the shop for 5 minutes yelling out, "I’m gonna kill the granny basher" and "you're gone, rapist".

From the age of 12 I wore a red t-shirt with a big swastika on it. I had a math’s teacher who was a born again Christian. When he asked me what I want to do when I leave school I said, “I want to be a Nazi and kill Jews”. He responded, “You wouldn’t be accepted as a Nazi, because you don’t have blond hair and blue eyes.” Although he was slightly off base with his definition of Nazism (i.e. Nordicism is the teaching which is concerned with blond hair and blue eyes - Adolph Hitler had black hair and black eyes) at the time I thought to myself, “I can’t be a Nazi because I won’t be accepted.” Which was a good thing looking back, because my obsession with Hitler and the Third Reich waned after that. I used to collect pictures of Nazis and dead Jews. In retrospect my fascination with Nazism led to a fascination with Satanism and the occult. I believe that Nazism is of satanic origin. Although I had grown up in a multiracial primary school, after I moved I attended a school where the overwhelming majority were white. I just kept getting in trouble and getting let off! I was done for possessing Marijuana, underage drinking, both of which I went to Springvale court for but was let off, and I also got done for the Hallam train station smash up where we basically trashed every trashable thing on the station then spent about an hour throwing train rocks at parked cars. We had been to a party where Johnno (now my Christian brother in law) had a knife put at his throat. We trashed a house and then the station. Just a bunch of drunken idiots really.

After the movie Romper Stomper came out in the 90s, it really hit the fan down there for Asians and almost all my mates got the shaved head, docs with white laces etc. We would go down to Springvale and Chinatown singing Skrewdrivers “skinhead” song, and playing GG Allin on a Ghetto Blaster – looking for “gooks” to chase and putting up racist stickers on trains. One time after my mate got his nose broken for screaming out “gooks go home” on Springvale station, afterwards at Flinders Street station he was grabbing big clots of blood and throwing it in Asians faces. We would bash the crap out of people. When I look back I was just an animal. We were never real political about it all but just hated everyone including ourselves and each other. I am so glad that I never got involved in National action or the KKK, because I was ripe to be recruited. A guy from the Nation Action hang out with us for a day and was always trying to calm us down as we yelled abuse at non whites and picked fights. In the end he concluded that we were just sickos. We concluded that he was just a wimp. Daz (now a Christian in Lismore also) would just walk up to 11 year old kids and punch them out. His girlfriend would be screaming and crying, but all us guys would just laugh. We had no morals and no decency at all. We would sit around getting drunk, watching p**nos, listening to GG Allin sing about raping a 5 year old girl,

I was living with a guy who is now dead who dealt Speed, Acid trips, and pot. At my 18th birthday party, a skinhead guy smashed a bottle or plate over my head. He was from the Chelsea skinheads, and is in jail for the murder of an Asian male. His little mate was trying to take the last beer out of the fridge and was arguing with my flat mate Craig about it. I jumped in and had the guy backed up against the wall when his friend jumped in and smashed my face open. I woke up in a puddle of blood on the floor with a heap of people crowded around me. They I ran a bath, put me in it and I fell asleep. The bath was filled with blood. I had the water level right up to the start of my nostrils. It is amazing I didn’t drown. When I came too I couldn’t go into my room because there were a heap of people having an orgy in there, so I just grabbed a jumper and tied it around my waist putting the body of it over my privates but leaving my butt exposed. I was like this most of the night. I went out in the middle of the road with a shovel hoping to see the guy who smashed me. They had come back earlier on a motorbike and smashed the large front window of the coin laundry of which our house was apart of. We lived directly opposite the Chelsea train station. When in the middle of the road with my shovel (and just a stupid jumper around my waist backwards), a train pulled up and about 40 Maoris got off all wearing the homeboy gear and started to walk towards the house. Amazingly a Lebanese guy I went to primary school with had became some big gang leader and was known to all these people, they just went into the party, did their homeboy dancing for a while, stole some light bulbs, and left. We once got in a heap of trouble with the Marois at Flinders Street. My mate Dogga threw a chair at the Leb Sovalaki shop guy. Out of nowhere about 30 Marois came and wanted to go. Lucky for us the cops got involved and told us to get in a taxi. One night we bashed a guy who was going aroung saying that Daz was raping his little sister. We found out where he was squating and bashed him. I smashed him with a metal rake for about 5 minutes, while Dog broke a 2x3 garden stake over his face, while Daz and toad layed in the boot. We had blood all over us. Aparently the guy was bleeding from the belly button. I saw him the next day and he was a mess. I have never seen someone so messed up. I felt so bad, because I sort of belived in Karma at the time.

Sure enough about a month later it was my turn. We were hanging around some real desperato Junkies at the time. They convinced us that we could easily rip this guy off and pinch all his dope. So we got all charged up, and went into his caravan around the back of a house. Me and the junkies just grabbed the bag of mull and ran. I was that drunk I was falling over. He was bigger than they explained but he had a plaster cast on his leg and it didn't look like he was going far. Daz punched this guy in the head a few times and took off also. The next thing I know the guy was right beside me and was punching me in the head. He had ripped the cast off and caught me. I went down. Then about 5 others came out of the house at the front and started kicking into me. I had curled up into a ball but had blood coming out of my ear from them kicking me. At one point they seemed distracted and I bolted.

The next day about 11am I was awakened by a knock at the door. I said "yeah!" And as soon as I said that all my windows broke at once. There were bricks and poles flying all over the place. Glass was everywhere. I grabbed an axe and opened the door. The other three took off out the back window. I saw dozens of guys. I chased a few near the door but quickly ran inside. I rang the cops straight away. One guy who I knew from doing cars (breaking into cars) was wanting to talk with me. I was waving my axe at anything that came near the loungroom window. I knew him well enough to let him in. I said, "What do they want?" He said "Man he wants his drugs back!" I said I didn't have any on me and that the two junkie guys had it all. It was only later that me and Daz realized that the two junkies had ripped us off and given us a fraction of the mull that was stolen (never trust a junkie). To make things worse me and Daz were resposible for this guys boken leg at a demolition party the week before. I am not sure if he new this, but all I knew was that I was in allot of manure. The cops came and sorted it out. But my days were numbered.

The two junkies got a visit not long after this. They dragged them out of their house and showed them a boot load of guns. They moved to Adelaide that night. I hung around for a bit though but was scared as. During these days of trouble I prayed to God and said, “God help me.” As soon as I prayed that prayer I saw a light come into my bedroom, and it instantly filled the room. I felt God come into my life and accept me just as I was. I was there on my bed, in pitch black darkness, with the usual axe in hand, and I knew that God was real right there. The guy I was dealing for came around a few days later concerned that I was going to be busted by the cops or killed by these guys. He said that he has gone to a house to score and 30 guys were in the house talking about how they were going to kill me. He went on to say that they got so heated about it that they started smashing the crap out of the living room table with bats and poles until it was just little bits of wood.

Not long after I went to Lismore and began going to a Potter’s House church there. That was 11 years ago.

My life now

I used to drink almost evey day. I had smoked pot since I was 12 and at 18 was trying to give it up but I just kept on falling back into it. I haven't touched a drink, a joint, cone, or even a ciggy for 11 years not and it is great. The people who I lived with are proof that I would be either dead or in jail. One is Dead, OD'ed. One is a junkie prostitute who dresses in napies and has old men crap all over her. One is in jail for robbing a service station for junk money. One ended up in a mental home for doing too much acid. And these guys were quite tame compared to the lifestyle me Daz and Johnno were living. Some of mu other freinds have just grown up and moved on.

Johnno became a Christian in 93 after my sister became pregnant. He and my sister moved to Byron to get out of the scene because she had been a hippy for about 6 years and in Melbourne we were all speeding frequently and getting piad rent in speed. Johnny was raised in England, was a Skinhead and hated Byron. But Lismore seemed ok.

A week later they went the Potter's House Church in Lismore to try and scab a smoke. They both became Christians that night. They began to pray for me to get to a low point in my life. That prayer was answered in 95, when cercomstances forced me to pray to God and to leave town and go to Lismore. Daz went on the run to Darwin. He not only had the same guys after him, but had upset a heap of tother people as well. He was also wanted by the cops for many different things. I didn't know if he was alive or dead. His mom said that he had gon up north. About 9 months after I left Melbourne, I started to pray for Daz after the pastors wife gave me a word in the prayer room that God was going to save my friends. As I began to pray I prayed specifically that Daz got saved in a Potter's House, because at the time alot of churches were involved in the "Laughing Revival" which involved screaming, shaking, yelling for the "Lord" (yeah right). So I prayed that he would be kept clear of all that. To tell you the truth, I did pray, but I didn't think anything would come out of it. Two weeks after I started praying I get a phone call. It was Daz saying that he is a born agian Christian and that he goes to the potter's House in Darwin. I was going "yeah right", but he really was. I amazes me to this day. Daz had problems breaking away from the drunks and loosers he was hanging with up there, so I got him to move to Lismore. He is now a youth worker, Johnno works for the council, and I am a tradesman. God has truly done a miracle in all of us.

Since becoming a Christian I no longer judge a person according to what color he/she is, but according to their own individual character. I know heaps of great Aboriginal people, Asians, and Africans. One of my best friends is an aboriginal man. I also know aboriginals who are trashy, but also white people who are trashy also. You cant just single out one group. I don’t hate the kkk here, in fact I feel sorry for them with them, because I was once racist myself and can relate to how they feel. Looking back I was just a moron who was filled with hate and looking for someone to use as an outlet. I have mates up here who go to my church who used to run amok with me in Melbourne who were also racist. We are all changed people now, Jesus Christ has helped us to see that all people regardless of race are His people who he loves and died for on the cross. I have just as much a good time around Africans, Asians and Aboriginals as I do white people. We have many aboriginal people who come to our church, some were the types you would consider to be “hopeless” but they are now productive people with good families, stable jobs and good attitudes. Also those people are now helping others, black and white to overcome drug and alcohol abuse through the power of God. We shouldn’t discriminate people because of skin color, but should judge according to how each individual acts. Most aboriginal people in the area hate the way some of the young people and drunks behave, just as the whites hate other white people getting into trouble. The difference is if a black man does something, all blacks are blamed, but if a white man does something, he is judged individually. Imagine if I judged you according to how other people acted and not your own actions. If Ivan Milat kills hitchhikers, should we conclude that all white people have this tendency? We are ALL sinners in the eyes of God and ALL need forgiveness. No one is righteous. If you think you are a good person, look at the 10 commandments. Have you ever lied? Stolen? That is just 2 of them. We are ALL liars and thieves, black, white, yellow. We all need God's forgiveness.

I spent some time with Johnny Lee Clary in July 2006 when he came to Casino and Lismore. He was the leader of the KKK in the US but is now a born again Christian. He did a 180 degree turn. He was hoping some KKK people would come out and see him speak in Casino. Not because he is now the triple k regulator, but because he has been there and knows how these guys feel! He was at the top, was David Dukes bodyguard, and also knows what it is like to be in the Klan for 16 years. He just wants to see people freed from the chains of hatred and violence.

The bible says: He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now. He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him. But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes. (1 John 2:9-11)

If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also. (1 John 4:20-21)

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. (John 13:34)

Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment: But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire. (Matt 5:21-22)

Nick - Lismore

See Johnny Lee Clary’s site:" target="_blank">
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Posted - 13 Sep 2006 :  16:53:23  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
Another Testimony.....

Hi my name is John Ward, myself Nick Sayers and Dazza (not so) Dainty go back a while now, from remembrance it would be 1990 at Pakenham High School.

Before I begin with my testimony I would like to verify that everything that Nick has written down in his testimonial is true as I have witnessed Nick’s transformation first hand as myself and my wife were used by God to see his salvation happen – I have known Nick before his change and know him now and it can only be the abundant grace and empowerment of Jesus Christ that could change Nick Sayers from the violent misfit he was into the Christian man he now is.

My salvation story a similar to Nick’s but our background do vary. I was born in Australia but moved to Halifax in the UK as a child as my parent’s were from that area, my father now deceased was a agro beer drinking, brawling Irishman and my mother is English.

I was taught at a young age that it was good for a man to fight and to win at all costs; this attitude got me into fighting at an early age. As a kid with an older brother growing up in a UK housing estate fighting was a regular event. Gang rivalry was the flavour at that time so we would visit each others hang outs and organize fights – our fights were not fare and we did not care what harm we inflicted to our enemies, punch, kick, bite, head butt, do whatever it took to get your opponent down on the ground so you could lay the boot in was all that mattered. At the age of 10 I was thrown out of my first school (for fighting) but I didn’t care for all I cared fighting was good and a way of life for a man.

Not long after I was thrown out of school in 1986 my parent’s immigrated back to Dandenong, Australia. For me it was a culture shock, all the kids seemed so innocent and clean cut – I quickly picked up the Aussie accent, so not to draw to much attention to myself and did want I knew to do “pick a fight with someone so everyone knows not stuff with you”.

We moved after my first year in high school to a place called Pakenham; back then a small country town compared to Dandenong. As soon as I enrolled in that school I went through the routine of working who where the cool kids and fighting the tough ones so I could make a name for myself. Then in year 9 I was put into class with the a dude with a blonde mullet hair-do who had stayed down that year, “DAZZA”. I never smoked ciggies until I met Dazza - I was a bit sporty at school initially “quick on my feet” which helped me out in my later teen years. Through Dazza I met Nick and from there all hell broke loose. Dazza was swiftly kicked out of year 9 for stabbing some kid in class with a screwdriver “not fatal” and when Nick left at the end of the year I still had year 10 to finish. So I was left to hang out with the rest of the rough bunch at the smoker’s tree.

I ended up doing year 10 twice, failing both times – school was just interrupting with my social life. My first year 10 year was one day on, 2 days off and the days I was there I was selling dope for my girl friend at the time who supplied me dope through her father “with out his knowledge”. That year “I thought” was my golden year, unlimited dope, always had some spare cash; the things the girls I hung with liked. That year also got me in trouble with the cops and the High school investigating me for dealing. Every where I went in my town, cops would pull me up for a quick hello and search me. My second year 10 year and final year of high school was much like the first but I began to hang with a different crew, I was finally kicked out for turning up drunk and shaving my head, a shock to a lot of people as I had long hair.

To me leaving school was a relief; now I could get on with my life, girls, drugs, booze and playing the guitar. In my last year of school I had joined a punk band based in Frankston, the guys in this band most of them in their early 20’s introduced me to different types of music, I was mainly into thrash and speed metal but in the band we played Misfit covers, Sonic Youth, Black Flag, Husker Du and the ever so weird GG Allin who I introduced to Nick, Dazza and Toad. I ended up quitting the band due to my lack of commitment “I was to busy getting smashed and trying to get laid”. My attitude to life had changed very quickly once I left school, instead of hanging with younger school kids dealing them drugs and being one of the tough guys, I was now hanging with dudes who were hard core crim’s, bank robbers, rapist and who knows what else.

One guy in his mid 30’s who I need to mention had begun to live with us as he knew the chick who rented the house we all hung out at. I decided to stay away from him; looking at the scars on his arms (self inflicted) and his dodgy jail tattoos and when he tried to organize a bank robbery with me an a few other mates; I decided he wasn’t the greatest dude to hang out with. A couple of times I went out with him visiting home brothels to beat up clients and steal money and dope (common practice for him). He eventually moved out but returned with one of his prison buddies and then began to beat up the people in the house with a metal pole “guys, girls who ever”. Miraculously he looked at me during all of this, pointed the metal pole in my face and said “I wanna kill you John, but I have no reason, go in the other room”. I believe God protected me and him from that situation getting further out of control – my aggression would have tipped over and who knows what would have happened.


Life was changing and changing fast, now I hated everything – I didn’t wanna work, I didn’t wanna ever settle down, raising kids and having a wife was the furthest thing from my mind.

Since leaving school life was one drunken mess after the next, if it wasn’t a brawl at Dazza and Nick’s caravan it was an anything go’s party at Annette’s house. I wouldn’t go home for weeks on end, I would only make sure I was able to hand my dole form in. All we did was get smash and then rave about all our insane exploits – getting arrested, stealing dope, graffiting trains, vandalizing whatever we could, getting chased by the cops, stealing a school bus “that was weird”, getting laid, getting into fights, running from fights, crashing parties and nearly being killed by the dude running the party – we didn’t care who we offended or what the consequences would be – heck we where having a good time...

Eventually I moved in with Nick and his sister Candice (now my wife) into a house in Chelsea. Bludging of each others dole cheque’s just to get smashed, never paying rent. One guy Craig paid rent with speed; I thought that was great. The town of Chelsea got a bit messy when we moved in – walking down to the beach with GG Allin blaring out of the stereo, just listening to his lyrics where enough to get arrested. (Nick has given a very brief description of GG in his testimony).

Life was just more arrest’s, more fines, more early morning vomiting, no food most of the time just bottle of Bourbon or a cask of Moe.

Candice had I hit of well with a little help from Wild Turkey and Barbiturates, our relationship was drunken sex or a drunken fight then sex and more sex. It was no surprise that she fell pregnant with in the first month of us living together.


17, no clue about life, constantly stoned and feeling guilty cause I knew my life was crap... Candice knew straight away she needed to get away from our lifestyle after falling pregnant and I did too. We decided to split the scene, and get out of Melbourne altogether. Candice suggested Byron Bay – to me that was between Melbourne and the UK – a flipping long way away. But I agreed to go as well; I had resolved in myself that I would try and do the right thing and raise a child (scary thought).

We landed in Byron in August 1993, 2 weeks after my 18th birthday. It was a beautiful place bright blue ocean, clean sand, green mountains in the background – I HATED IT.

I was full of hate; life was about me and my problems and to add to that I had no idea what the hell I was doing all I could see and smell was ferals like the one’s on Mad Max 3.

We ended up in a place called Lismore got a flat and then sat around and thought “what now”... We had little money which meant no booze and no smokes, little food and no chance of scoring some mull. We had some invitations placed in the mail box, one for a Rose and Flower Show (as if) at some church and the other was to see a free movie in a community hall, we needed a smoke and had no TV so we went to watch the movie...

We went to the hall and were greeted at the door, the movie had already started. It was an extremely B grade movie called The Return... At the end of the movie some guy walks up the front and starts talking about how Jesus Christ is coming back and that I need to repent from my sin so I could go to heaven... My thoughts were “I’m catholic – it’s cool I’m already going to Heaven”

We were invited to the Church’s Sunday night service and again saw the same B grade movie and again a guy preaching at the end saying that I was a sinner and I needed to get saved – but this time I clearly saw my life the way it was. I knew I was a sinner and that my Catholic label was just that “a label”, why would God let me into heaven I’ve bashed people, I’ve stolen, I’m on drugs I hate everyone. When I heard the words “even though you are a sinner Jesus Christ died for you and loves you, he is the only one that can save you and change your life into something good” and “taste the Lord and see that He is good”.

I couldn’t resist, I wanted to know if this was real. 29th of August 1993 and asked Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sin and offered my life a living sacrifice to Him....

Well 13 years have now passed on by and Jesus did what He said he would do. The need for drugs and booze just died when Jesus took up residence in my heart and when He took precedence in my life the reality of the Bible and the reality of the presence of God exploded in my mind. God changed my life from a hate filled, antisocial, desperate freak into a man who loves God and loves his wife and kids. I now have a care for people that I could never conjure up out of a self-help group. Jesus Christ restored everything that I had damaged, my health and relationship with Him first and with my family.

God gave me dreams not long after I got saved of my friends who were like minded in our sinful and pathetic lives, that they were with me following Christ, going hard for Jesus with the same aggression and shameless way we lived for devil.

God has done that very thing, He saved Nick out of his hopeless mess he was in, then Dazza turned up on the other side of the country in one of our fellowship churches, we thought he was dead or in prison.

The bible states in 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.

Look into Jesus.

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Here is another amazing testimony

Linda Augustine

Hello, my name is Linda Augustine and I am 24 years old. I want to share with you briefly my testimony of how I came to find the real Jesus Christ!

To start off, my parents are Palestinian but I was born in Canada. I have two sisters, one older and one younger. We grew up in what would be considered a very, very strict home and had a very reserved lifestyle. I grew up with Catholic teachings, went to Catholic school, and almost never went to church unless it was a special occasion.

My parents never seemed like a loving couple. They were actually very cold. They taught us to be moral, respectful, obedient kids; generally the way a “good family” should be. But they also planted in our hearts at an early age to be racist against all Israelis and all Jews. They always brought up hate- filled discussions in front of us about all the fighting and the bad news of what had happened and what was still happening back home in Palestine. My whole family has serious hatred for Jewish people, and I was also brought up to have that same hatred.

After a few years, my parents got divorced. My mother, my sisters and I moved out, and my father lived on his own. Not long after high school, I become tomboyish. I experienced some bad relationships with a few people and this slowly but surely made me a seriously angry, violent, hate-filled person, not just towards Jews, but also towards almost everyone. I had a very short temper and a really nasty attitude, full of suspicion, disbelief and insecurities. I carried knives and guns, and to a lot of my friends, I was considered “messed up” because I was so very irritable and quick to get angry. Also, when people upset me, I experienced anger to such an extreme degree that I visualized thoughts of mutilating and slaughtering the person and got pleasure and satisfaction out of seeing their blood. To me, only that was proof enough that they were tortured and dead. I know this is sick and abnormal, but that’s how bad I had become.

As a few more years went by, I still lived the same way, only now I had been introduced a couple of times to the Pentecostal teachings of Jesus Christ through some friends. I never gave my life to Christ though. Instead of receiving Christ, I received people’s phone numbers. Now I feel it was the start of my unknowing, but willing search for Jesus. I began to go back occasionally to my Catholic Church on my own in search of Christ, but still came out empty. I also tried a Baptist Church and still found nothing. I then opened myself to the ways and teachings of Jehovah’s Witness and the Muslims, yet still found nothing!

Then one day, a member of the Potter’s House Christian Church witnessed to my boyfriend and me about finding the real Jesus- His forgiveness and all about His love and salvation. With reluctance and hesitation, I went to the church for the first time.
Not long after, I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and prayed for His forgiveness. Gradually, God started opening my eyes to all the demonic spirits that had been living in me. Although I wasn’t raised in Palestine and wasn’t exposed to all the violence and killings, God showed me that the anger, rage, and spirit of murder living in me were ancestral spirits. God also revealed to me the importance of getting my heart right and of His sweet love for me.
Now almost 6 years later, I have been living in the will of my beautiful Father in Heaven! Nothing in this empty world could have changed the way I was before, but God, being the just God that his is, was able to soften my heart to surrender to Him. Through His mercy, grace, love, and protection over my life, I am freed of my sins, miraculously transformed and will never forget what He took me out of.

Imagine that, once I hated Jews, and now I’m in love with Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews, and the King of Kings.

Just one year ago, God blessed me with a husband- the boyfriend that stood with me when we were first told about the real Jesus! We know that God has wonderful plans for our lives together, and are excited to be serving Him. God is a God of blessing, joy, and peace for His people. And my husband, Adrian, and I are true testimonies of this.

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Another testimony:

Rex Lee

I was lost in darkness and I didn’t even know it. There was no hope. No way of escape. I was shackled by the chains of sin and bound by the yoke of death. But did I cry out for deliverance? No…for I was born and raised as a slave. I knew not freedom. I was a typical teenage Canadian, living life as my peers did but I did not realize I was a slave to my own sin.

I was raised in a typical Catholic household. Though we did not actively practice the religion, we held onto the tradition passed through our ancestry. Just because one was part of a church doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is a follower of Christ. Many people are cultural Christians, but not authentic Christians. That is the testimony of most of the church world today. Surely it was my testimony.

Without knowing the difference, my professed affiliation was Catholic. I may have honored the Lord with my lips and actions through the sacraments, but my heart was far away from God. Even though I performed religious practices according to the tradition I was brought up with, I did not intimately know the Lord. Any reality of God’s love was absent from my life. Yes, the priests and teachers constantly preached the love of God but it was simply head knowledge. How do you really know God loves you? How can that cliché be confirmed?

As a young child, you did not question your parents or the church. You obey what you were told because they knew better. I was obedient to their words and I followed their example of what Christianity apparently was. As far as I could remember, I always had a deep sense of respect for God. Even though I did not know him personally at the time, I dared not speak against Him. Blaspheming the Lord never entered my mind.

I recall the preparation of first communion. My 2nd grade teacher would spend a great deal of time preparing us for the sacrament of communion. She would show us how to walk toward the priest, how to place our hands in receiving communion, what to wear and say and the like. I did not know the meaning of this tradition, but out of obedience to my family and teacher, I conformed. I performed these rituals because everyone forced me to do it.

Then the sacrament of confirmation came upon me in the 8th grade. I was aware of morality and the reality of the Lord. I was at an age where I could make a decision to retract confirmation. Even though I professed that I was being obedient to God by performing this ritual, I was lead to follow though because of my fear of man. What would everyone say if I didn’t do this? What would my family and friends think? Everyone in my graduating class is going through with it, why not me?

If one asked me, “Rex, why are you taking the sacrament of confirmation?”
I would have responded very religiously. “I’m doing this for God. Why else?”
But it was a lie. I was lead by the bondage of fear and I did not know it.

Confirmation was nothing more than a façade, a tradition I went through to please everyone around me. We celebrated that night but the reality of God was still far from me. It is a great deception to believe that you are close to God by doing things that may please Him. Is God so shallow that He requires rituals and good works to please Him? Is this an employer-employee relationship?

That ‘spiritual event’ didn’t last too long in my daily living. After the night of confirmation, I returned to my ways. It was simply a list of things I had to do before moving on to high school. I graduated and continued on without any sort of change toward God in my heart.

It was during summer vacation when God planted the seed of eternity in my heart. I returned to my native homeland and met my ailing grandmother. It was a revelation to see the affliction of my country and grandmother.

I wrote a poem in memory of the poverty in Vietnam.

Broken Eyes
With broken eyes,
She looks in the mirror
Sadness is her reflection
Death and despair are her rays
As she views herself
With broken eyes...

I remember her. A mother with her children, begging for money when I was in Vietnam. Mother couldn't support her children; so all three of them went scavaging. Then she came to me. With a forced smile, she politely asked me for some change in my native language. I looked deeply into her eyes and noticed that one of them looked different. It was as if it were 'cut'. Many slashes marked the eye. I responded and said that I had no money. She smiled again and went to speak to someone else. I could see in the midst of the crowd, two little children, one boy, one girl following her mom.

This is one of many things I experienced took my trip to Vietnam. Little did I realize how God would use these events to draw me to Himself. My grandmother died when I was 15 years old. I never got to know her intimately because of the distance. She resided in Vietnam while I was in Canada. I went back to my native land one time, solely for the purpose of meeting her. She was a devout Catholic. My mother would tell me stories of her faithfulness to the church, but she was unable to attend due to her physical condition. The priest would come over the house every week to perform the sacraments for her. Her illness got worse. It was obvious that death was near. She died a few months after my visit. It was particularly difficult on my mother. She would cry days on end. Finances were sent to cover the expenses, but we didn't have enough to send my mother back to Vietnam to attend the funeral. Surely, someone as dedicated as her would make it to heaven...right?

I was lying in my bed one night thinking where my grandmother went. Heaven? Hell? Purgatory? It was in that moment in time...I finally spoke with God. I cast aside all the ritualistic prayers I was taught growing up to speak to the God of heaven from my heart. In all honesty, it was truly the first time I ever spoke to Him. Speaking to Him as you would anyone else.

"God, I've failed many tests in this life, but the test I don't want to fail is the test to get to heaven..."

I wasn't a Christian when I spoke to God that night. I didn't know anything about being born again, or having my soul regenerated from sin. I was ignorant concerning the things of God. All I knew was that there was a God and He was listening. He heard my prayer that night.

I continued my education through a Catholic high school. It wasn’t until my final year that I realized the joy of God. My previous years as a student brought no new insights of God. I would continue to go through the motions of religion during the seasons of Christmas and Easter, but once again, I was oblivious to God.

It was at the culmination of my final year that God finally spoke to me through a Christian. His name is James. James and I developed a good relationship through our school related work. We would assist each other in projects coincidently in a religion class. He was but a young Christian when he began to speak to me about Jesus. We were in the library during lunch break when he first declared the truth of Jesus to me. I specifically recall what I told him after he finished speaking.

“James, I know Jesus died on the cross for my sin and that He loves me. But I’m not going to Him because I don’t deserve His forgiveness.”

In the eyes of the world, I was considered a good person. I did not get involved in drugs, crime, or anything that would be considered wrong. But in my heart of hearts, I knew I was a sinner. I knew I wasn’t perfect and that I fell extremely short of God’s standard. There was no way on this side of eternity that I could fully keep His law. Again, it was the good works mentality that plagued my mind. James was taken back at my response.

We continued to spend time with one another during summer vacation. It was the beginning of July when he finally invited me to church.

“Rex, do you want to come to church with me tonight?” he asked.
“Sure, why not?” I replied.

It was my first visit to a Christian church. The difference between the Catholic and Christian church was vast. I was not used to this environment. The first thing that struck me was the unusual friendliness of the people. They all seemed joyous and happy but I could not understand it. Song service started and I recall laughing at one of the songs they sang:

“I am somebody
Because God loves me
And I am accepted
Just the way that I am
His love is higher
It’s deeper and it’s wider
Then you and I will
Ever understand”

This song rebuked my thoughts about myself. I really thought I was a nobody. I felt that God wouldn’t accept me because I was I’ve done things against His word. I didn’t believe that God would accept me the way I am. I thought I had to fix myself up before coming before Him. Like the prophet Samuel, I heard the voice of God but I could not discern that He was speaking to me through this song.

I recall the message Pastor preached that Wednesday night. It was a sermon regarding godliness and holiness. This was a message filled with insight that I’ve never considered before. I was so used to the ritualistic services of the Catholic church that this sermon surprised me. Again, God was speaking to my heart but I could not discern.

Finally, at the conclusion of the service, an altar call was given. God set this all up to finally confront me of my sin and my need for Him. Never in my life did I feel such remorse and conviction for the sins I’ve committed against Him. I knew I was a sinner in my mind, but the reality of sin finally reached into my heart. I was a sinner in my heart. I was wicked before God! The world tells me I’m a good person, but the Lord showed me otherwise.

“There is none that is righteous, no, not one…”

I pushed off the conviction of my sin. I pushed off the cross of Jesus. I didn’t respond to God right away. I didn’t receive Jesus as Lord and Savior.

As we were driving home, James asked me how I liked the service. I told him it was unique from what I was used to. Then I asked him a question that took him by surprise. I didn’t know this until he told me a few months after my salvation.

“So James, are you going back to church next Wednesday?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Do you think you could pick me up?”

I didn’t know it, but the seed of the grace of God was beginning to flourish in my heart. Though I pushed off the conviction of God that night, He was very patient with me. After planting seeds in my heart throughout my entire life, God’s divine plan was about to come to fruition.

I returned the following week and God once again challenged me to repent from my sin. I wrestled with the Lord for over a month concerning Him. I knew in my heart of hearts that although I knew about God, I did not know Him personally. The things that really matter in life are relationships…family, spouse, friendships…how much more so the living God? God was finally challenging me to push off the superficial religion of works and come to Him.

James invited me to a monthly Christian concert at the church on a Saturday night. It was filled with various types of music and drama about Jesus.

Then a young lady sang a song that pierced my heart. It was called “Foolish Games.” The song was originally written by Jewel but they changed the lyrics to speak of the foolish games we play with God. I also liked Jewel’s music at the time.

“These foolish games are breaking God’s heart…”

She never sang that song after my salvation. God spoke to me and told me that song was specifically for me many months later. At the end of the night, my brother Carlos gave the alter call. The Lord pressed upon me yet again. For the past month I’ve neglected the tugging of God’s Spirit on my heart. This night was going to be different. I raised my hand, signifying that I wanted to know God and be forgiven. I meant it in my heart. I prayed the prayer of salvation that night.

God saved me on July 27th 2001.

It wasn’t the suave words of a preacher, or the emotionalism of the sermons or music. No, it was God Himself who personally came to me. Jesus came to me. Though I was yet a sinner, Jesus died for me. I’ve ignored God my whole life, thinking I was right with Him because I performed religious activities. But my righteousness were like filthy rags. He didn’t want my works, He wanted my heart. As a young man pursues to win the heart of a young woman, so it was God pursued me.

The Lord God raised up a deliverer to set the children of Israel free from bondage. He used the life of Moses to declare the freedom of Israel to the glory of the Lord. The Lord remembered His covenant with Abraham, that in him “all the nations of the world will be blessed.” And surely it has come to pass with the fulfillment of prophecy in Jesus the Messiah. God has orchestrated salvation to the Jew and Gentile alike through the cross. For in Jesus, we are new a creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things become new.

You can laugh at Christianity, you can mock and ridicule it. But it is faith built on historical, archaeological facts. God has given us enough evidence to come to Him. Jesus the Messiah changes lives. He cannot be forced upon a person. All I can tell you is what I’ve seen and learned in God. The choice is up to you.

I’ll conclude with C.S. Lewis’ statement:

“I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: 'I'm ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don't accept His claim to be God.' That is one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of thing Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic—on a level with the man who says he is a poached egg—or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse. You can shut Him up for a fool, you can spit at Him and kill him as a demon or you can fall at his feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to.”

If you want to receive the Lord Jesus in your heart, pray a simple prayer like this. It can be in your own words from your heart:

“Lord Jesus, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. Forgive me and cleanse me. This moment I trust You as Lord and Savior. Make me the person You created me to be. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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Another Testimony:

For almost 19 years of my life I had professed to be a Christian and yet the bible was dead and boring to me. The Bible - that very word of God that I was supposed to abide by as a 'Christian'!

Whilst in Nigeria, as a boy I reluctantly attended church with my siblings and my parents. I simply walked in obedience to my parents though my heart was not in it. When I arrived in England I carried over this same routine.

During the latter parts of my teenage years my lust for the things of the world grew. I urged to be in with the crowd and experience what I was missing as a ‘good Christian boy’. I would go raving, house parties and other occasions to see what I could get away with, with no strings attached and without my parents knowing. A pattern soon began, rave on a Saturday and turn up to the local Anglican Church and sleep. To my parents, I was still perceived as their good son since I was not involved in any of the usual troubles you would hear of boys my age.

Having stayed at this church for almost 8 years, the number of people dwindled and I eventually grew tired of seeing the same old faces with hardly a young person in sight to relate to. I then decided not to go to that church anymore and proceeded to seek out another church with my sister Jackie.

A few weeks later my sister began attending a Pentecostal church in Walthamstow, invited me and I said I would join her one-day. I later joined her and soon became known as ‘Jackie’s brother’. I stayed in this church as I thought that in comparison to my previous church it was livelier and with many smiling faces. I had every reason to stay but I still wanted to cling on to those things that pleased me – those secret sins.

I attended this new church for over a month. Hearing altar call after altar call and chose to ignore what the pastor was saying. One Wednesday night, after the service was over a young man about my age approached me who then asked me whether I was ‘saved’. I didn’t really understand what he meant but still listened intently as he gave me his personal testimony of how his life was like before he invited Jesus Christ into his life. Shortly after this, David Darkwah (who now pastors a church in Leeds) approached me, and he also asked me if I was ‘born again’. I responded that I had never heard those words before nor had I known what they meant.

In the Anglican Churches I had been to, I do not recall ever being taught of the reality of the consequence of my sins, Hell, Judgment, God's holiness, Jesus Christ's role in salvation, my need for repentance and forgiveness.

David proceeded to tell me of how my ‘goodness’ in the sight of others is transparent to God and that my good works were not enough to make me right with God. He explained to me that we are all born into sin and showed me my need for repentance and forgiveness of sins. I thought to myself that I had nothing to lose but had a heaven to gain so I prayed with him to ask God to forgive me of my sins and to invite Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour.

Now 24 years old, being born again for over four and a half years I sit and write this testimony to tell you of the grace of God upon my life that has removed the deception that I had bought into during my youth - that good works were enough to get you into heaven. As that old song ‘Amazing Grace’ goes so it is with my life - ‘I once was lost but know I am found, was blind but now I see.’

Today, you have a choice. If like the old me (before coming to Christ) you choose to be religious and outwardly impress others, even to the point where you clock in and clock out of a religious gathering for all your life just remember that God is not impressed. He is only impressed with Jesus’ death on the cross for your sins and His resurrection that you might spend eternity with Him.

It truly is every day with Jesus and I could not trade it for anything else. God has taken me through highs and lows and He has been faithful to deliver me through it all. God has been very good and very real to me and has changed my heart and desires from where I was several years ago. I thank God He lead me to a place where people were not too scared to challenge me as to where I would spend eternity.

God bless you for reading this.
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Here is my testimony. My brother got saved in Wayman Mitchel's church in Prescott. He tried to get my mom and I to go to The Door by our house. My mom thought it was a cult but she was really just convicted and knew she needed to get right with Jesus. My mom had always been a Christian but she was backslid. I believed in Jesus but was a sinner and I just thought, "I will sin all my life and accept Jesus into my heart 5 minutes before I die." But one day my brother got my mom and I to go to a Saturday night rap music thing at The Door. My mom and I were convicted and got saved that night. We have been living for god ever since. Now I am wanting to eventually become a pastor just like my brother will be.

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Praise God! God Bless you!

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i go by maffio and herez my testimony al daway from Syd Oz
ive been in church since the age of 2 or maybe 3 and i always called myself a christian. i was never really a radical in an extreme sense but most of all my accountable saved life i was professing to be a chrstian but i was living a life of compromise!
for all u out der compromise will kill you spiritually that is!!!
enywayz i knew the bible and would read it from tym to tym and i would evn b prayin. so pretty much i was active in the church! at about the age of 15 or 16 after a lyf of compromise and drivin my car in spiritual NO-Zones i recommitted my life and rededicated it to god!!!! and everyone said AMEN!
it was about this tym that i think i felt the call of god upon my life (im prayin for confirmation at the moment) so since then i have been tryin to live for god both in the church and my school, im readin my bible regularly and prayin and contending for god to move!
btw the scripture that says what is done in secret will be shouted from the roof tops is so truth as there were things i was involved in that i thought would never come to life but i guess it was god's will for my life that these things happened so i could grow and mature so he can use my life for the ministry!!!
just another testimony that happened today:-

for a while now i had been prayin that god would show me other christians in my school. (i had forgotten to pray this for a no. of weeks though) and just 2day i was reminded so i prayed that god would show me other christians in my school and that he would help me not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.
anyway, 2day there was a musical performance in the main stair well or our school 2day, its a five storey building and i happened to be walkin past and if it was a worldly band i would have walked ryt on by but i heard them mention the name of jesus in one of their songs so i thought back it up a sec and lets listen for a bit. after a couple of songs a guy that i knew got up and said they were a christian band and they got together every thursday. afterwards i went and spoke to him and he said that this had been goin on for years and every thursday at lunch they get together to fellowship, pray and here a message from some of their youth leaders and some pastors and other christians in the community!

for all you out there i think god went over and beyond to show me that he has heard me and he likes it when we are praying for things of his will!

thats all from me ryt now

maranatha and godbless

maffio from Sydney Oz

LUKE 16:10
those who are faithful in the small things god will trust in the big things!
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Hello All!!!

Its been a while since Ive been on the site but Im glad its still here. Well here is my testimony. I actually was born into this fellowship as my dad is a Pastor/Evamgalist. My parents got saved in the Alamogordo, NM USA church in the 80's under Pastor Kevin Foley. In 1984 he was sent to Ogden, UT to pioneer a church in the heart of Morman country. I was born in 1986 so I was born born smack dab in the middle of this fellowship. The church did very well in Ogden, UT and we went to pioneer again in Fairfield, CA. However that lasted only 6 months and we went on to Modesto, CA. We were there steadily building a church and we got the call to take over the church in Siera Vista, AZ from Pastor Sawyer and we were there another 2 years. My last stop was in 1995 when my parents and siblings got the call to take over his home church in Alamogordo, NM! My parents (Tom and Betty Quinlan) were here about 9 years and served faithfully before becoming an evangalist and being based out of Prescott, AZ. The church my dad originally pioneering in Ogden, Utah is still going strong as Pastor Rick Martinez is at the helm. They have 4 baby works out and they have couples lined up to hit the harvest fields!

I remained in Alamogordo and have since been married and have a little boy on the way(due in August!!) I have been "really" saved about 7 years now. Before I went to church because that is what was expected of us but we had a revival with Pastor Artie Aragan that totally changed my life. I know my testimony isnt much considering I have never smoked, or drank, or really did anything bad but I thank God everyday I wasnt stupid and went out tried to "earn" a testimony because all it would have caused would have been heartache!!!!

I am a bible study leader/assitant in the church and am a ripe age of 20 years old! Eventually me and my wife would like to pioneer our own church and see how God's destiny for our lives unfolds. It trully is an exciting times here in Alamogordo as God is really moving and things are happening! We head into revival in 2 weeks with Conf Speaker Paul Stephens and it is going to be an exciting time! Well enough for now and God Bless!!!
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These testimonies are so encouraging - please put your testimonies here to encourage and refresh us again in the seeing and hearing about the miracles Jesus still does in yours and our lives.

Thanks from Kev - Forum and Site Admin
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Hello there Nick,

That was an awesome post brother. You've mentioned Johnny Lee Clary in your post, is he not the same Johnny Lee Clary who wrote on: IS ISLAM A SATANIC CULT OF THE DAMNED? You seem to have come along way from the state you were in few years ago, I wonder if Mr. Clary has made the same progress as you have or is he still simmering with hate?

Nick, to be born again is to be generated from above according to the bible In John 3:3, Jesus tells Nicodemus, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” The Greek expression translated “born again” (gennathei anothen) also means “born from above.” In other words, guided by God. So you were guided by God to find Him and you've found him in christianity. Others find Him elsewhere...

Just incase you've missed it; I have not typed a capital C for christianity but a small c because I simply don't believe what you believe and would've been a hypocrite to have written christ or christianity with a capital c. So now that you know that you and I do not believe the same thing, will you judge me based on my character and behaviour as the bible says in Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. So by their fruits ye shall know them, judge them by their fruits; or do you have another standard by which you judge Nick?

Also, why would you have to judge in the first place, is that not the prerogative of God to judge all his creatures?

Let me simplify it for you brother, I am but one human being who does not believe what you do and therefore I am a test for your belief and you for mine.

O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things). The Holy Qur’an 49:13.

You see Nick; I'd have you on my side in a blink of an eye when confronted by an atheist or the like. Why? Because just like me, you believe in the hereafter and that you would have to be accountable for what you've said about God and how you've treated His creation,(all His creation).


If it is not truthful and not helpful, don’t say it. If it is truthful and not helpful, don’t say it. If it is not truthful and helpful, don’t say it. If it is truthful and helpful, wait for the right time.

Pride is concerned with who is right.
Humility is concerned with what is right.
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