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 Family breakdown/relationship breakdown/end times
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Posted - 06 Feb 2007 :  08:33:41  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am seeking help... and am very down and confused in what has been happening.
For the past 10 or so years, but more so now(very rapidly) there has been a huge decline in my family relationships and also with relationships outside the family. I am wondering what part Satan is playing in all of this and if this is a part of the end-times.

The decline in my family has been heart-wrenching.
My sister hasn't spoken to me for 2 years and one month, despite all efforts for reconcilliation, she and her husband have closed their hearts completely. They are both christians. She knows my health has deterioated but has made no efforts to enquire how I am. I have heard that they have also cut off other people - friends and family members.
My 2nd eldest brother keeps his distance from my mother and some other family members. He is also a christian. He is depressed and cannot make decisions. He never phones my mother or seems to care. He has two beautiful children but keeps them to himself. They rarely see their grandmother.
My 3rd eldest brother is also a christian but has become very critical
and can become somewhat abusive with his tongue. His contact is minimal.
I have another younger brother who resides in another country. He never phones or writes and ignores my emails now. He is also a christian
My fourth eldest brother is ok, but also rarely emails and never phones. He is a christian
My eldest brother is probably the best out of the seven, in that He does sometimes come over to see me. He is also a christian.

But then there are our christian friends. Some of them have stopped contact altogether. They never phone or write, they never call over.
I feel as though it's almost a dream, or a nightmare.
The same goes for my husband's family. They don't write or call.
We have tried to make contact but they never respond to messages left on answering machines.
A lot of the people and relatives we know - their hearts have become stony cold. I had a good friend(also a christian) but she has become very critical and almost nasty......and I detect hate and bitterness.
My neighbours are christians but we hardly see them. They gave us a christmas gift but never drop in to say Hello after we offered them an invitation.

I know this happens to a lot of families, but our family was never like this. My sister and I were close and she was close to my mother. Her husband, I feel is responsible for a lot of things - he has never liked anyone getting my sister's attention and made her move 11 hours away from us. Even my sister's children(teenagers) don't keep in contact.
We feel as though we don't have any family.
To conclude, my husband and I havn't been able to have a family of our own,so the loneliness is doubled.

Could God be closing these doors? Every morning I pray about my family and loved ones and bring them before Lord. I ask the Lord to help me - if there is anything in me that needs changing. I cry out to Him because I love my family and I miss them.
No one seems to care anymore. I could almost honestly say, that I could die, and only my mother and eldest brother would attend my funeral.

What is happening? Is this a sign of the end-times?
Thanks, would appreciate your help and advice.


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Posted - 23 Mar 2007 :  01:46:22  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
I do believe that what you are describing is indeed a sign of the end times. Paul warns Timothy of the degradation of man in the end times. And as we all know that as man gets more and more degraded he becomes more and more selfish...

Let your light become a blazing fire...
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Forum Admin

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Posted - 23 Mar 2007 :  19:18:29  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
Amen to that BigJon
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Sub Lieutenant

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Posted - 19 Aug 2008 :  16:40:39  Show Profile  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
I've noticed that most of the family members that you have mentioned are Christian's and yes i agree that you are right about Satan playing his games on your family. Satan knows their Christians so he's going to have demons attack them more than any other non-believeing person like he does with any other Christian. What we need to do is recognise his extra efforts and keep under God's shelter and trust in God. Personally, i'd recommend that you keep on trying to contact your family members, seek God on what to do, He will answer and show you what to do. Convict their hearts through His word. Pray, pray, pray! God Bless!!
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Posted - 30 Aug 2008 :  20:12:37  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi There,
Your family seems a lot like mine...although only my father is a Christian and my step mother ...I have stopped speaking to my sister due to her behavior as she lies, cheats and steels yet nobody seems to care that she does it not even her husband he seems to be by her side no matter what she does so is my dad, and everyone in the family , nobody even want to admit to her doing what she does, she can treat others how she wants to, but if you do it to her the whole family would be on your back about it... i am just sick of the constant un godly crap that goes on, and most of it is my sister this and my sister that...i just stay away from it try to as much as i can for there are better things in life to focus on.
Also it could be that your family who are Christan are doing things for The Lord.. it may seem like they don't care, that they are drifting away but they are not. people do get busy, maybe you can just set a time aside for everyone to get together even make it for three months down the track not to let them say no, or not have enough time to reply to u.. the best thing to do is pray, im still praying for an answer, for a change in my sister, for things to get back to the way they where, but if it doesnt happen then it doesn't happen. it says in the bible that u are to love the Lord ur God more then ur husband, ur father, ur mother or u are not worthy of being his just try to be content with the time u do get with them. maybe ask the Lord to help u with that?? or to help u with seeing them more. And it says satan does play games like 85 mentioned...
She claims to be a Christian, but is very far from God. I would love to be close with my family as out of all my brother n sisters i am only close to one and see them when i can, when i am not at work but it is hard to find the time. but we communicate best we can. I dont know if it has to do with end times, i often ask myself this too. I think i am on a different level then what they are...they have no desire for Jesus they love the things of this world too much. Yes i like it but i don't make it an idol. For me i have chosen to stay away from my family due to the way they act, and i rather stay away from it, not get involved.
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